Our continuous development has resulted in a new construction of office and workshop.
We are proud that we can present our new headquarter in Kobysewo.

Please feel invited.


Chłod-Servis is a professional family company, which has been working for nearly two decades in refrigeration and air conditioning industry on land and sea.

During this time we have cooperated with a large base of satisfied customers who have not leave us for many years.

In our specialization, which are complex repairs refrigeration screw compressors, we have reached extensive experience and we have created qualified staff of engineers and technicians. This makes, that we can accomplish any, even the most difficult challenge.

Many years of experience makes us run a task from idea, through a comprehensive design, construction and post-warranty service. Among our clients there are many leading companies from the Pomeranian province as well as from around the world, since nearly 80% of our customers are maritime shipowners.

One of the key branches of our company is the production of refrigerated containers and specialized chillers, designed for the special needs of customers.

If you need refrigeration components, spare parts for refrigeration compressors, service retrofit R22 or other assistance in the field of refrigeration, we invite you to contact us.



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